A list of fascinating landscape in the world

Mount Cook, Lake Tasman, New Zealand

One of the world’s last frontiers the picturesque nation of New Zealand boasts of splendid and enthralling pictures and the testament of this is the breathtaking landscape off Mount Cook, Lake Tasman, New Zealand.


Picture courtesy of omgamazingpics.com


The amazing landscape in Taiwan Yehliu Geopark


This extra-ordinary landscape found in Taiwan Yehliu Geopark is truly a sight to behold.

Picture courtesy of Chinanews.com.cn



The Pearl Waterfall, Juizhaigou Valley, China

The Pearl Waterfall which is situated in Jiuzhaigou Valley is a waterfall like no other. China’s true pearl and treasure this tourist attraction is one of the most visited places in the nation.

Picture courtesy of wallcoo.net

Landcarpet’s Netherlands Rug

This fabulous Landcarpet landscape is an amalgam of astonishing colors. It is like a masterpiece lying before your eyes in a farm.

Picture courtesy of Iostateminor.com

Socotra Island in Indian Ocean

A chain of captivating islands, Socotra Island served as a sanctuary for more than 700 rare species of plants and animals. A third of the various species of flora and fauna here are considered endemic to the islands. Socotra Islands have been isolated from the African continent for around 6 to 7 million years.

Picture courtesy of abovetopsecret.com

Rio Tinto

Next in our list is the strange looking yet fascinating Rio Tinto which is located in Spain. This awesome and quaint landscape looks like a scene in a moon. The development of this gigantic opencast mine already engulfed mountains, valleys and many villages. The people living nearby are already relocated. The name of this landscape has been derived from the river’s color of the water which is red. Though it look so fascinating the river is very acidic and at the same in abundance of heavy metallic elements.

Picture courtesy of abovetopsecret.com

The Richat Structure in Mauritania

Nestled at the southwest region of the Sahara Desert, this magnificent panorama has a huge radius of 15 miles and can be seen from the space. One of the theories of how this landform was formed is through a collision with a meteor. But now many believed that it is formed through uplift and erosion. Until now, the creation of the circular shape of the landscape still baffles many scientists.

Picture courtesy of abovetopsecret.com

The Spotted Lake in Canada

Seems like a masterpiece, this lake boasts of an assortment of colors that will certainly bring immense delight to the

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ones that will see it. This lake is created by the combination of salt and various minerals, which give rise to various pools of water.

Picture courtesy of abovetopsecret.com

Roturua, New Zealand

This landscape seats comfortably in the so-called “Bay of Plenty,” region in a northern island in the New Zealand. This city is well-known for its rotten eggs smell which is caused relentless volcanic activity which also unleashes sulfur. The place is also haven for Buried Village (Te Wairoa) in pools of mud and geysers.

Picture courtesy of abovetopsecret.com


The Magic Magix Slideshow Maker May Bring

Slowly making its presence felt in the Internet, Magix Slideshow Maker enables the users to come up with slideshows with images and music. It has user-friendly format and layout that is cinched to help you obtain great results. It is tailored for all types of users from beginners to intermediates to experts.


The process of making slideshows is divided into easy to follow steps that guides users may easily get well-acquainted with. It also has a support feature, that is, Help file to help you answer your questions.

Creating a slideshow starts with selecting pictures and video. The users may drag photos from their folders and arranged them to their liking. Then the users may opt for the style they like their with their slideshow by picking one of the many choices in the pull-down menu, from simple camera movement to different themes such as birthday, wedding, baptismal, vacation and the list goes on.

The users may obtain a song from their music archive. The software let the users preview button and match the song clip’s time length to that of slideshow. Lastly, users may be seeing the finished slideshow before storing it.


The tool’s meat is its capability to embed the video directly to YouTube with just a single click.  Click the icon once the movie is saved and it will be transferred to YouTube. Magix Slideshow Maker is indeed a perfect for all types of users and it is free.

Free nice slideshow maker online

Facebook is indeed lording over in the Internet nowadays and millions of people are hook on this wonderful site. This wonderful social media website enabled people to share their thoughts, feelings and even pictures and video clips online with their friends, relatives, family and colleagues. Many are also banking on slideshow or video clips to share their memorable and funny moments.


Since slideshows are making their presence felt in the realms of the Internet this give rise to an abundance of slideshow maker software and providers in the web.  These slideshow makers are either for sale or free.


There is a slideshow provider online that is free and easy to use and this is the ever popular http://slide.ly/. Visited and used by more than 1 million individuals already, Slidely takes pride as one of the best slideshow creators online and what is good about this is it free. Yes, you heard it right, and it is indeed free and this slideshow maker is simple and user-friendly. Versatile as it is Slidely can also use to whip up movie clips, presentations and collage.

Even with zero knowledge, one can make a slideshow in less than 10 minutes. The features of Slidely includes combining your favorite music with your slideshow, animation effects, editing and storing your work in the site. You can also post your slideshow that you will create in the site anytime in Facebook so your friends, relatives and colleagues will be able to see it.

Have fun using Slidely and thanks a lot for the read!

A quick glimpse of PhotoSnack


Available online Photosnack is a slideshow maker that doesn’t need to download software. To start off the block you may login with your email address or account in Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Similar to Smilebox, Photosnack provides a free version but with limitation like having branded watermark once you publish the slideshow that you have made. If you would like to publish a finished work without the watermark you have two choices to select from: Shell-out $14 per month for a VIP membership or purchase points. The points ranges from

it brands your slideshows with a watermark if you’d like to publish them. If you’d like to publish your slideshow without this mark, you have two choices: You can pay $14 per month for a VIP membership or pile up points through purchase. The points range from 0.86 cents to $1.90 each, depending on how many you would like to purchase. To remove the watermark in the slideshows you can also get a code to embed your slideshow elsewhere you like and this will let you buy 6 points which will cost $11.40.

Whilst the micropayment point system is quite confusing, it’s actually very easy to do as soon as you start using it. And it is easy as making a slideshow using PhotoSnack. The Web-based app lead you to upload photos, allowing you to choose from those that are already stored on your pc or in different websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Instagram, and the list goes on.

By the way PCWorld.com rated Photosnack with 3.5 stars.

Thanks a lot for the read guys.

Make a Slideshow Using Visual JavaScript SlideShow


An absolutely free slideshow and presentation creator, the Visual JavaScript SlideShow can aid you to whip up crisp and solid slideshows with a sprinkle of impressive transitions, effects and even animations with few clicks and not using mind-boggling codes. You can drag and drop your photographs into the Visual JavaScript SlideShow window hit publish and your slideshow will be filled with lovely effects will appear in your browser.

Keep in mind that you need not be an internet savvy and expert as you will need not any knowledge about flash, javascript, css, html coding, no image editing and the list goes on.

User-friendly as it is Visual SlideShow Maker also gives you the freedom to customize your slideshows according to your liking. It is also compatible with platforms such as Macintosh and Windows. It has also Flickr and Photobucket support.  You can utilize the most interesting photographs from Flickr and Photobucket on your website or blogs by following simple and easy steps.

You will not need flash to view the slideshow. You can use an assortment of effects to make your photos look wonderful. Available in 25 languages you can start dishing out slideshows using your favorite photos and share it with your family, friends, relatives and even colleagues.

This photo slideshow maker is a demonstration of Flash-like behavior implemented solely in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. You don’t need flash to view this slideshow. Use numerous of splendid effects to show your pictures. Create a slideshow and start photo sharing with your friends and family today.

Make wonderful slideshow and presentation using Slideful


A free online slideshow maker, Slideful.com provides slideshow and presentation like no other. It is user-friendly, teeming with unending features and good menus. Moreover, slideful boasts of effects, transitions and other features to optimize your slide making experience.

This versatile online tool can be employed to create slideshows custom-built as webpages. It is anchored on javascript and has image editor.

And last but definitely not the least this awesome slideshow maker has round corners and built for users to customize the settings.


It is about time to take out your well-kept photographs and turn them into wonderful slideshows to preserve your unforgettable moments. Have fun making slideshows and presentations with slideful!

this free online tool is used to make photo slideshows for webpages. is based on javascript, contains a simple image editor, has round corners and allows customization.

Here’s a quick review of the slideful and thanks

Share Photos and Slideshows with Kizoa


A slideshow maker like no other, Kizoa lets you whip up a stunning slideshow with your friends, relatives, colleagues and family.

You can share your photographs and slideshow stories in the realms of the internet or have it burned on a DVD or uploaded in Social Media.

Make a free account now and begin sharing your photos with the people you love.

Kizoa a Slideshow Maker, Video Creator, and Collage Builder

Kizoa is fun and interactive. It has an easy-to-use interface that enables you to work online with relative ease. There are wide-array of transitions, effects, texts, music and animations you can choose from.

Make a collage while you squeeze your creative juices and artistic flair. You can also make an animated collage if or an Ecard for the people you care the most. You can also make a template or make your own.

Keep in mind that Kizoa is a nice photo editor where you can edit and retouch photographs to make it look wonderful. You also have the power to edit the frames of your video to insert effects, texts and animations.

Kizoa’s morphing tools is also versatile and useful as it transforms your photographs into absolute fun and laughter. You can make silly face out of your photos as you can convert your well-liked photos into elves, aliens, monsters and more.

Once you are done making slideshows you can easily send your masterpieces thru email, convert to video, post to popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter, convert them into video or photoshare it in a group.

You can also create folders and store and organize your photos on the internet.

So what are you waiting for let the fun begin!

Spread Love and Smile With SmileBox


The inception of Smilebox was last 2005 with the help of a group of visionaries with a herculean mission of: “Joy is one of the world’s most important renewable resources, and it’s our passion to help people share it. Connecting friends and family, sharing life’s special moments big and small – what’s more important than that? “

This team of promising guys tediously worked to come up with innovative, engaging and motivated ways of giving online users to share their cherished photographs and videos with their family, friends and relatives.

They strive to work hard for a long time and they would certainly be happy if you could use Smilebox to the people you love in the face of the planet. And it is simple just share with immense love and smiles.

Last August 2011, Smilebox was obtained by Perion Network Limited (NASDAQ: PERI) and Smilebox endeavors to continue concentrating on its huge mission.

With Smilebox you have the freedom to do the following:

Be Creative – With more than 1,000 customizable styles tailored for various occasions  Smilebox gives you the chance to bring out the best and creativity in you and the flexibility to add and edit your images, videos, and music. You can spruce up your work further with wonderful styles, texts and effects.

Be Personal – Whether you will hand out a digital greetings or printing a collage of your memorable family vacation, sharing your finest moments are more personal with Smilebox. For sure the response you will get will be enormous.

Have Fun – Smilebox is indeed a fun and great place to discover unlimited things that you can do with your photographs and video clips. It’s user-friendly, fast, easy and truly engaging.

And, if you thought of sending your loved ones that are sprinkled with Smilebox, doing this will surely spur a wonderful b0nd.

Effective Presentation Tips and Pointers for Students (Second of Two Parts)

The concluding part of the article Effective Presentation Tips and Pointers for Students.










Picture courtesy of www.nature.com

5. Pay Attention to the Layout of your Slides

See to it that your audiences are easily followed by your audiences. A nice slide usually has the title at the top so the audiences will easily see them and know where they are at. Phrases should be readable from left to right and from top to bottom. See to it that the information are placed near the top of the slides. Keep in mind that the bottom parts of the slides are usually not visible.

6. Refrain from using Stylish Fonts

Opt for fonts that are simple and readable like Arial, Times new Roman, Calibria or Verdana. The fancy ones appear so cool but these

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are better for other uses. See to it that you use only two types of fonts in your presentation. Also keep your fonts (18 to 24 point) large enough so that they will be very visible to the audiences that are on the last row.

7. Use Opposing Colors for Texts and Background

  • Texts that are dark-colored works well with a light backdrop. This combination makes the presentation very visible to the audiences
  • See to it that the background you are going aren’t patterned or textured.
  • Keep a uniform color scheme all over the presentation.

8. Keep the Consistency of the Slides

When using a design them, select the one which will not cause distraction in your presentation. Preview it many times and see to it that the texts are readable and graphics used are visible to the audiences.

9. Use Animation and Transition Effects Sparingly in Classroom Presentations

Whether we like it or not students are fond of sprinkling their presentations with animation and transition effects as much as you can in every slide. This will certainly be fun, but keep in mind that the audiences will view the presentation and slide shows are actually visual aids and it is not created just impress and entertain.

Effective Presentation Tips and Pointers for Students (First of Two Parts)

Whip up top notch presentations for your class!

Creating efficient classroom presentations needs a lot of time to learn but with the tips below you are cinched to startle your audiences. Keep mind that the tips given here are for all versions of PowerPoint slides but these can be used for most presentation.

1. Identify Your Theme

Students generally love to start off the block and begin making a presentation instantly. However, it is a wise idea to make a research first and discern the kinds of material you are going to need for the undertaking. Ponder on what topic

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you are going to present prior to plunging into your computer. Start with the easiest part of the presentation to help you gain momentum and confidence. Keep in mind that quality presentations are made by people who are comfortable with what they are going to impart to their audiences.

2. Pounce on Key Phrases on Your Topic

A good presenter knows how to use the key phrases and key words very well as well as including only relevant and essential information. Your topic may be overwhelming so it is of essence that you opt for to three to four points and sprinkle them during the course of the presentation,

3. Refrain from Using Lots of Texts on the Slide

One of the prevalent errors of students with regards to their classroom presentations, are placing their lengthy speech on the slides. Keep in mind that slideshow only reinforces your oral presentation. To make the presentation short and concise use bullet points on your slides. As much as possible use simple and common words (refrain from vocabulary words and jargon words) and see to it that number of bullets you will use per slide is from three to four. This will make your presentation readable.

4. Minimize the Number of your Slides

Take note that less is more in making presentations as too many slides will just keep you rush in finishing them at the end. In line with this, your audiences will get bored and will no longer pay attention to you. Allot one minute for each slide to avoid monotony with your presentation.

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